Once not too long ago, we needed a good boys’ school and the ones that we chose were full. Hence, the dream of starting a good school that provided an all-round learner came to be. We had to bridge a gap. With this in mind there was no turning back a solution had to come […]

Pre Primary 2 Winds Up in Style! 😎

If there is anything that is as exciting as it is remarkable, it has to be witnessing the Royal Brain School pre-school students graduating. Having been involved in every step of the way; from embarking the journey of admitting toddlers with little or no speech, to going through the motions of the first audible words […]

Life Skill Class

My life skills class comes on Monday morning. I had a notion that i would take a class that was lively and very vibrant when i started. I soon discovered that the weekend bliss still lingers in the pupils minds they yawn a lot; may be because of burning midnight oil in a last minute […]



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