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My life skills class comes on Monday morning. I had a notion that i would take a class that was lively and very vibrant when i started. I soon discovered that the weekend bliss still lingers in the pupils minds they yawn a lot; may be because of burning midnight oil in a last minute to finish the assignment or the oversleeping during the weekend and late waking up time among other factors. However i keep the class alive by engaging the class and giving them my life experiences and listening to theirs and in between sneaking in what i am supposed to teach in a fun filled lesson. The 40 minute lesson rushes and the bell rings summarizing an otherwise enjoyable morning. The class composes those in their adolescence hence the topics are mainly on rediscovering themselves, mood swings and body changes among other areas. My take is that this stage needs a lot of parental guidance and would wish they engage their teenage children more. I however help them sail through and together we agree to love ourselves the way we are at every stage!

Nventive Communication

Nventive Communication

Consultants that deal in Information Technology, Branding Identity, E Commerce Solutions, Web Design, Communication Strategies & Business Application.

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