Pre School


We offer 4 levels of pre-school programs based on the Montessori curriculum wherein children are trained to be independent, self-disciplined, confident, thereby inculcating a lifelong desire to be curious, learn, explore and problem solve.

Through a range of activities facilitated by highly trained teachers, learners are able to develop psycho-motor skills, improve their concentration span, and eye-hand coordination hence completing age-appropriate tasks.

RBS pre-schoolers graduate with a strong literacy and numeracy foundation ready to tackle primary school education.



Age Group

Baby Class

2+ – 3+

Play Group

3+ – 4+

Pre-Primary 1 (PP1)

4+ – 5+

Pre-Primary 2 (PP2)

5+ – 6+

Pre School

Pre School : Baby Class - PP2

Primary School

Primary School: Grade 1 -6

Junior Secondary

Junior Secondary: Grade 7-9

baby class 2-4 yrs

pp1 4-5 yrs

pp2 5-6 yrs



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