About Us

Our History

Under the leadership, determination and foresight of the founders, directors James Mbiu and Gladys Mbiu, Royal Brains School (RBS) was born on 10th May 2013, in a Montessori set up, catering from Baby Class to PP2 at our Ruaka Campus, with 3 learners, 3 teachers, a driver and a cook.

Over the years, Royal Brains School has grown in leaps and bounds, from setting up the school in 2013, to our first Pre-School Graduation in 2014, inauguration of the Primary school section in 2015 and we opened the doors to our second campus along the Eastern Bypass, Northlands Area, in the year 2019. With a steady growth, the year 2023 brought about the introduction of the Junior Secondary School section at Royal Brains as we transition to a Competency Based Curriculum.

Why start the school?

The school directors observed the lack of an executive school to serve the Ruaka, Rosslyn, Runda, Ridgeways and Kiambu Road environs with children having to commute to areas as far as Westlands and Ngong Road, therefore, Royal Brains School was established.

RBS to date, continues to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, technical proficiency, talents and ambitions required to thrive and become trailblazers in the 21st Century.

Who We Are

Our Motto

Teach, Inspire and Transform

Our Vision

To transform children of today to be creative, confident and competent thinkers, innovators, scientists, creatives, artists and industrialists of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To be a unique school where we identify, nurture, and develop each child’s individual talents and transform them to the fullest potential.

Our Promise

Every child is honoured, respected and celebrated.

Our Logo

The Royal Brains School logo encompasses two key elements. The first element being the cranium, which has been designed to hold the school name abbreviation, year of inception and a crown, symbolically denoting its typical yet very important job of upholding, nurturing and safeguarding learner’s brains thus catapulting their intellect.

The second element is the incorporation of a theme of royalty by using royal colours, namely, Blue and Yellow, that also represent the school’s dedication to academic excellence.



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