Once not too long ago, we needed a good boys’ school and the ones that we chose were full. Hence, the dream of starting a good school that provided an all-round learner came to be. We had to bridge a gap. With this in mind there was no turning back a solution had to come by and a small agricultural farm that we used to produce food crops would soon produce graduates from all levels.

From the pre-primary to university graduates of the future, At 10 years we have produced Class 8 graduates who have been admitted to the prestigious Mang’u High School, Alliance Girls, St Georges Girls, State House Girls’ and other academies!

We are also very proud and grateful to God for having a junior high school with our pioneer learners who actually exceeded expectations in all areas. We are local with an international outlook! We are a Christian school offering the Competency Based Curriculum.

Creativity and Imagination together with Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills are our strong competencies among others.

In co-curricular we are doing great at 10 years and the sky is not the limit. The school has a state-of-the-art swimming pool and all our learners from preschool to high school get to train in it. We also have a baby pool for the play group to enjoy and learn.

In languages we offer French throughout the entire Primary and JSS. We intend to introduce it soon in the preschool so that we become French speaking schools. We also offer Chinese as a extra-curricular activity to those interested in linguistic diversity. We have pony rides throughout the year for the preschoolers and our Montessori curriculum has produced the very best learners in the county and beyond!

We pride ourselves in laying the strongest foundation from the beginning, nurturing every potential and celebrating our learners. We give them a special personalized treatment during their birthdays and they enjoy it.

We have an inhouse music school with all the instruments and have an upcoming school band. All those interested in musicals are well taken care of; not to forget that our very own learners went up to Nationals for the music festivals. Taekwondo lessons are also offered for those keen on disciplined self defense. The ballerinas are also catered for and they are doing very well. The girl guides and boy scouts have not been left behind and they make our marching bands during school events colorful. We have had termly school trips and our learners are exposed to entrepreneurial industries and agricultural farms. We also build resilience during our annual hikes to various tough terrains locally and our learners enjoy it. The IT department is also vibrant with coding and robotics having taken off at the primary school level, soon to be introduced to preschoolers.

Our inhouse clubs compliment the other activities that help sharpen the learners’ skills. We have chess, drama, debate and leadership clubs among others. Learners are free to choose depending on their interest. Our prefect body has also proved very useful in peer governing and decision making in our institution.

We also celebrate our parents, many of whom have been with us since the school’s inception in May 2013 – God Bless you all. Not to be left behind, we also celebrate and appreciate our longest serving teachers, many of whom have been with the school since 2013 – thumbs up! Bill Gates once said, “If you think your teachers are tough, wait ’til you get a boss or you become one yourself.” You have done well, keep it up!

Our population has continued to grow and our learners have evidently been Taught, Inspired and Transformed. As the institution continues to grow, a new campus with the same standards and policies was born in 2020 along the Eastern Bypass. It’s still growing, complimenting the Ruaka branch and giving us a competitive spirit. The future tertiary institutions are all in the pipeline and we intend to have it all under one roof. With God everything is possible.

We are excited to shout that our vision of transforming children of today to be creative, confident and competent thinkers, innovators, scientists, artists and industrialists of tomorrow is becoming. This far God has been faithful.

Royal Brains School

Royal Brains School

Royal Brains School transforms and inspires young minds to achieve their fullest potential.

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Royal Brains School transforms and inspires young minds to achieve their fullest potential.

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